Transient Workers Count Too

Media Release
31 July 2012
For immediate release

Update on donations to Bugis MRT accident victims

As at 4 pm on Monday, 30 July 2012, the donations actually in hand totalled $66,332. There are some additional cheques, SgGives and Paypal transactions still being cleared or in electronic transit, and a few cheques that have been returned for various reasons. But we do not expect the final total to be much higher than that.

The donation window closed at the end of last Friday.

TWC2 social worker Kenneth Soh (left) with Ms Du Zhaoxia and Mr Dou Wanli, the widow and brother of the late Mr Dou Chunjie

Approximately 440 persons donated — the number is approximate because some were joint donations in a single cheque, some individuals wrote more than one cheque, while other payments are still clearing — making an average donation of about $150 each.

Over the last four days, TWC2 met up with family members of both the deceased workers, the late Mr Meng Huaiyou and Mr Dou Chunjie, explaining to them the background to the donations that have come into TWC2 as a result of an initiave launched by a group of civic-minded bloggers, Benjamin Lee, aka Mr Miyagi, Adrianna Tan, aka Popagandhi, Mr Lee Kin Mun, aka MrBrown and others.

We have also passed to the next of kin the first installment in cash. Since one family was leaving Singapore early on Monday (30 July 2012) and the other early on Tuesday (31 July 2012), there wasn’t enough time to finalise numbers and hand over the rest of the collection.

However, we have the names, ID numbers, addresses and contact numbers of the next of kin (Mr Meng Qinglei, the elder son of Meng Huaiyou, and Ms Du Zhaoxia, the widow of Mr Dou Chunjie) and will be sending them the subsequent installments as soon as practicable, within the next week or two. They informed us that they do not have bank accounts in their names, and for better security in transferring money, we advised that they should open bank accounts as soon as they get back to their villages. This can cause of bit of delay, which they fully understand.

TWC2 have also received from them signed undertakings acknowledging the intention behind the donations — that they are not meant for the individual to whom we pass or remit the money, albeit that the individual is the next of kin, but meant for the estate of the deceased persons, and thus to ultimately benefit all family members entitled to a share of the estate. The next-of-kin receiving the collection will act as trustee for the other beneficiaries.

TWC2 president Russell Heng with Mr Meng Huaihe and Mr Meng Qinglei, the brother and elder son of the late Mr Meng Huaiyou

TWC2 understands that Mr Meng Huaiyou leaves behind a wife — who is not in good health — two sons and a baby grandson; Mr Dou Chunjie leaves behind two elderly parents, a young widow and 6-year-old son.

Receipts are being issued for all donations that are successfully credited into our account; however, due to the large number of transactions, there may be a delay in processing the paperwork and TWC2 hopes donors will understand, given that TWC2 operates with minimal staff strength, in fact only a part-time accounts officer.