TWC2’s 2013 benefit event Lunch with Heart, coinciding with International Migrants Day, began a minute’s silence in remembrance of Sakthivel Kumaravelu, the man who was killed in a bus accident last Sunday night (8 Dec 2013).

Coincidentally, the event (at Apollo Banana Leaf Restaurant) was held but a stone’s throw from where the incident took place on Race Course Road.

imd_2013_5366bBut other than that moment of solemnity, what followed was a jolly good time for all.

Sprightly dancers from Desert Roses onto the stage providing the capacity crowd with belly dancing, bollywood dancing and a fusion Chindian number. Huge smiles lit up the faces of the workers and well-wishers present at the party. A phalanx of camera phones was raised to capture the exciting performance.

After exhausting themselves with cheering and applauding, the food buffet was welcome. A long line formed for the tasty tandoori chicken, fish cakes, basmati rice and other tasty dishes.

For dessert, there was cake and balaklava.

white_10x40imd_2013_5405bWhile everyone else was happily enjoying the food, Kenneth Soh, our social worker, was interviewed by a TV news channel. Several other reporters, local and foreign also hovered in the background, but they waited till the end of the event before interviewing exco members and senior volunteers.

We were glad to see workers from the different groups — Filipino, Indonesian, Tamil and Bangla — mixing as they ate.

Stomachs filled and full of energy, lucky draws and games followed. Consolation prizes were awarded first.

imd_2013_5452bThe Filipino Family Network hosted a game wherein two teams had to “relay” a small lime in a spoon (held by the lips). The first few attempts were bad; the lime was repeatedly dropped, but after a bit of practice, the participants proved amazingly good, able to transfer the lime adroitly from one person’s mouth-held spoon to another’s.

The Indonesian Family Network hosted a few rounds of charades. Some of the “actors” attempting to convey the sense of the given word by means of gestures were very good, but others were hilarious, leaving their group members utterly puzzled as to what they should be guessing at.

white_10x40 imd_2013_5499b
Generous prizes were awarded with the games. At right is Kenneth passing one of the games prizes to a winner.

Lastly, we moved on to the big lucky draw prizes with excitement reaching new highs. The last of the pictures below shows Grand Prize winner Atin (of the Indonesian Family Network) giving her “victory dance” as she went to stage to collect it.

As mentioned by TWC2 president Russell Heng in his speech, a total of about $20,000 was raised from ticket sales and donations for this event. Most ticket buyers chose to sponsor a worker with their bought tickets instead of coming themselves, so we were able to invite about 90 workers to the celebration.

Much credit for organising this very successful event goes to Russell himself for taking personal charge of the planning and logistics. He was ably assisted by Admin Officer Christine Scully and volunteer Nicolette Stewart. Anna Shin got us the sponsored cupcakes, while Charissa Ong helped with the reception desk on the day itself.

But above all, TWC2 thanks our donors and well-wishers for their support of this event through their ticket purchases.

More pictures:

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