Dinner time at the Cuff Road Project is usually hectic. Too many laid-off workers crowd into a tiny diner not just to get their meals, but to seek a consultation, get a document explained to them, or apply for an EZ-Link card. They’re also there to catch up with friends, or tell us about someone else they know who needs help.

Monday, 7 April 2014 was an even busier evening. Twelve cartons of shirts — nobody seems to know exactly how many but the figure of 700 was mentioned — were donated by Marcella Holdings (, the result of their trade-in promotion.

These were second-hand shirts, but they were all in very good condition. Marcella must have taken much trouble sorting out what they had received from trade-ins. From the eagerness of the men to get their hands on several shirts each, it was a very well-received offer.

We then got a few of them to give modelling a try …

marcella_shirts_donation_7304a marcella_shirts_donation_7312a marcella_shirts_donation_7292a

marcella_shirts_donation_7301a marcella_shirts_donation_7319a marcella_shirts_donation_7328a