Beginning in 2012, TWC2 treated foreign workers to a nice meal at its annual fund raising event. This year, for a change, we took them to a movie. So Lunch With Heart becomes  heart_tiny@theMovie on Sunday 4 December 2016.

The film: superhero blockbuster Dr Strange. The venue: The Projector, an independent cinema that TWC2 rented for the event. The audience: as is the tradition, a vast majority were foreign workers affiliated with TWC2 as volunteers or beneficiaries. They came on tickets donated by TWC2’s generous supporters. Everybody had fun watching the action-packed not-a-dull-moment movie.

No movie treat would be complete without food. With the cinema ticket came a lunch box of delicious Indian food. Rounding up the screening was the lucky draw. This year’s event handed out the most number of prizes ever because generous donors such Causes for Animal Singapore Pte Ltd and Gayathri MacBain provided more than $3,000 worth of NTUC gift vouchers.

TWC2’s annual fundraiser also marks International Migrants Day. Once again Lee Foundation has stepped forth with sponsorship. Together with other donations and ticket sales, the event raised some $60,000 for TWC2.

While   heart_tiny@theMovie was ultimately a success, the early weeks were nail-biting ones. Tickets moved very slowly. With a week left to the screening, we were still far short of a full house. Fortunately an SOS got people rallying to our call for help. From the bottom of our heart and on behalf of the workers who will benefit from the money raised, TWC2 says thank you to all who have contributed to this year’s fundraiser.

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