TWC2 is proud that that we have many long-standing members. But the drawback is that your email addresses may have changed over time.

We need to do a verification exercise, and we seek your cooperation to ensure that our membership register is up-to-date.

This is particularly as, with the help of students at the Singapore Management University, TWC2 has started using a new contact and relationship management system. It presents a good opportunity to conduct an exercise to verify the validity of the email addresses of current and former members of the society.

These individuals will receive a system generated email message (sent from [email protected]) with a web link that is unique to each recipient. When you receive this message, we would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the instructions to click the link, which will confirm your email address.

If you do not wish to click on any web links within an email message, please use this instead: . You will still need to use the confirmation code that is provided in the email message.

The email messages requesting verification of your email address will be sent to you during the week of 20 February 2017. If you do not receive the message during this time, please contact the TWC2 office to update your particulars with us.