TWC2 client Rahman Mohammad Hasibur issued this public statement yesterday, 30 December 2020:

Between 19 and 21 April, my roommates and I were confined in our dormitory room against our will. Subsequently, it was reported in the press that MOM issued a stern warning to the dormitory manager and imposed a hiring freeze against my employer for their actions.

On 29 December 2020, I filed and served a civil claim against my former employer, V. Spec Engineering & Supplies Pte Ltd, and the dormitory operator, Joylicious Management Pte Ltd, for damages relating to the above incident.

I have been advised by my legal counsel that the facts disclose several private causes of action, including the tort of false imprisonment, and I am seeking damages for the distress suffered.

Should I succeed in my action, I hope that it will deter other employers and dormitory operators from similar actions towards their employees and residents in their care.

Rahman Mohammad Hasibur

For readers’ convenience, we provide the following links to media reports from April 2020:

1. Todayonline, 21 April 2020, ‘No choice but to play it safe’: Foreign worker dorm manager locks close contacts of Covid-19 case in room

2. Channel NewsAsia, 24 April 2020, Dorm operator who locked migrant workers in room given ‘stern warning’ by MOM; police investigating

Update 12 January 2021: Lawyers representing Joylicious Management Pte Ltd (the dormitory operator) sent TWC2 a letter to inform us that their clients “deny the Plaintiff’s claims” and “intend to defend against the Plaintiff’s claims to the hilt.”