As reported in the above clip from Channel NewsAsia (30 December 2020), all employers of newly-arriving migrant workers must purchase medical insurance covering Covid-19 against the risk of workers developing the disease within 14 days of arrival. The new requirement kicked in on 1 January 2021 and applies to employers of

  • Work permit holders
  • S-Pass holders
  • Foreign domestic workers
  • Confinement nannies, and
  • Training work permit holders

The insurance policy must be in place before the workers arrive in Singapore and provide a minimum coverage of $10,000. The new rule also appears to apply to existing holders of work permits, etc, returning to Singapore from abroad.

See also this article dated 28 December 2020 from PrimeHR Development.

Scrolling down the article, there is an FAQ about vaccination for workers. One significant sentence is this:

Can I ask my workers to pay for the vaccinations themselves?
As an employer, you are encouraged to register and pay for the vaccination of your workers.

This is potentially confusing because the government has already announced that vaccination for foriegn workers will be free. Perhaps the above is only meant to refer to newly-arriving workers, but unfortunately, it is not made clear in the article itself.