Partly due to safe distancing requirements of the Covid-19 pandemic, Transient Workers Count Too designed a rolling series of events leading up to International Migrants Day (18 December 2021) rather than one big bash.

For November, we planned separate outings for the three self-organised workers’ groups affiliated with TWC2, and one for workers directly under TWC2’s care. The three self-organised groups were

  • the Indonesian Family Network (IFN) whom we took to the zoo;
  • the Filipino Family Network (FFN) whom we took to Sentosa and Madam Tussaud’s; and
  • the Overseas Foreign Workers of Singapore (OFWS) – who didn’t get to go anywhere for reasons outside our control. We had intended to take the OFWS group to Gardens by the Bay, but due to difficulties getting permission for workers to leave the dorms, this event couldn’t be realised.

The fourth excursion group, comprising workers directly under our care, went to the Bird Park.

Following the excursions, the main event was online. Film clips of the outings were put together for Facebook Live on 12 December 2021, so that those who couldn’t join the trips could still enjoy them virtually (and participate in the quizzes). We also moved our annual lucky draw online, with top prizes to put a smile on many faces.

Here is the 60-minute recording of the Facebook Live event, starting at about 48 seconds. The first 48 seconds show you our “pop-up” recording studio which we had set up in our office.

Not long after, we heard of an opportunity to hold a mini-carnival in a recreation centre close to three dorms in the Penjuru industrial area. A recreation centre is a mix of shops, cafes and sports facilities catering to a nearby cluster of dorms. It was an opportunity to make up for the disappointment of not being able to take the OFWS group out, and so we took up the offer, even though we were exhausted from organising the earlier excursions and Facebook Live event.

Here’s a five-minute video of the mini-carnival at Penjuru:

We certainly hope that by this time next year, movement restrictions will have been removed, and all migrant workers will be able to enjoy Singapore fully.

Both events would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. Thank you!