Tnis letter was sent to the Straits Times on May 19, 2009:

Dear ST,

It was saddening to read your report of the accident in
which four men were killed and six injured on Monday morning.

Accidents are bound to happen on the roads from time to time, despite 
all the efforts made to make Singapore’s roads safer. Would these men 
have lost their lives or suffered harm if they had been transported in 
a minibus or coach – preferably with seatbelts? TWC2 has long taken 
the view that workers transported in open backed lorries or trucks are 
exposed to greater risk than other travellers, as well as being  
exposed to rain, and we have urged that this should stop. It will cost 
companies more to transport workers in enclosed vehicles with proper 
seating, but it is the right thing to do, both from safety and respect  
for human dignity considerations.

John Gee
Transient Workers Count Too