In Parliament on Monday, 8 July 2012, Minister of State for Manpower Tan Chuan-jin defended the current policy of requiring employers to provide medical insurance, so that such costs do not burden the local taxpayer. Otherwise, he said, “that would be unfair to society at large”.

“[T]he government has to ensure that foreign workers’ medical bills do not remain unpaid and instead get passed on to tax payers.”

Local workers, on the other hand, enjoy government subsidies for outpatient treatment at polyclinics and inpatient care at restructured hospitals, and employers are required to contribute to local employees’ CPF, including Medisave Confidential Accounts.

The news report can be found on: Channel NewsAsia, 9 July 2012, Healthcare model different for locals, foreigners: Tan Chuan-Jin, by Karen Ng. Link.