‘Signing on the dotted line: examining operational indicators of trafficking’ is a two part article written by TWC2’s immediate past president, John Gee, for the website of The Trafficking Research Project (TTRP), and published in June and July 2012.

The first part of the article is on contract abuse, where companies have tried to impose terms on workers through contracts that are in violation of host country law; the second part is on contract substitution, which is used by some employers and agents in Singapore to frustrate efforts by the Philippines government to obtain improved conditions by means of contracts. The articles discuss whether these abuses necessarily constitute trafficking and consider how they might be ended.

The TTRP website is relatively new and has some useful articles on it considering issues related to trafficking.

Link to Part 1 (PDF file, 4 pages)

Link to Part 2 (PDF file, 5 pages)