Toh E-Yeong, 40, was fined $4,170 on 31 July 2012 for a series of charges relating to non-payment of salaries to two foreign domestic workers. The New Paper reported on 2 August 2012 that he owed Ms Jocelyn Quiaoit Manglal-Lan $1,2265.50 in unpaid salaries for a seven-month period September 2010 to May 2011. He owed Ms Joessel Barbadillo Ramos $1,098.30 in salaries for the three months from February to May 2011.

He had also defaulted on the monthly levy payments, causing the work permits of the two to be revoked by the Ministry of Manpower on June 1, last year.

Despite this, he continued to use their services for one more month at his Woodlands flat.

Toh faced 10 charges, of which one charge of non-payment of salary and another of illegal employment were proceeded on. The other charges were taken into consideration for purposes of sentencing.

The New Paper also reported that Toh is the sixth employer of foreign domestic workers to be convicted this year for not paying salaries on time, and that the highest penalty has been a one-week jail term for one employer who was convicted in December 2011.