Shivaji Das married Yolanda early August but organised a special wedding feast specially for TWC2 beneficiaries of The Cuff Road Project coinciding with Eid al-fitri, locally known as Hari Raya Puasa, which this year fell on 19 August 2012.

This unprecedented gesture only shows his commitment to TWC2 where he has been a volunteer (and a regular donor) for some time.

In the above picture (left to right) are Yolanda, Shivaji’s parents, and Shivaji.

It was a very hot day, and most men in our food programme had several other alternatives, what with feasts at mosques and working friends able to give the non-working ones a treat. Yet, a steady stream of men came into the stylish function room along Syed Alwi Road — blissfully air-conditioned — to enjoy the delicious repast.

Many had second helpings.

“Will you be off on your honeymoon after this?” your writer asked Shivaji.

“Oh, we’ve already had that,” he said. “We went to the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Flores.”

Then added: “Before the wedding.”

That was novel, and left your old-fashioned reporter rather at a loss for words.

Also present were the co-ordinator of the Cuff Road Project Debbie Fordyce and several volunteers, all dressed up too. In the pictures below are Vilma, Debbie and Jill Ratnam with Shivaji and Yolanda.

All of us at TWC2 congratulate the happy couple on their marriage and wish them a lifetime of love and joy.