Magalingam Rajesh, 29, a construction worker from India, was killed slightly after 7am on Friday, 15 March 2013, when the lorry he was riding in tipped over onto its side. He was among eight workers seated  on the lorry’s flatbed. The Straits Times reported that he had been working in Singapore for eight years.

The aluminium-canopied lorry was in a collision with a car that was severely crushed at its front, pictures showed. The accident happened along the Pan-Island Expressway near Simei.

There were eleven men in the lorry, including the driver, Lee Soon Hin. Besides Rajesh, another man (not named in news reports) was critically injured. Others suffered fractured ribs and abrasions, and were sent to Changi General Hospital.

They were employees of Jackly Engineering, and the workers were on their way to their worksite in the Bugis area.

The newspaper reported that “There have now been at least 10 fatalities involving heavy vehicles in the first three months of the year.” However, it would not be right to assume they all involved foreign workers.