TWC2 volunteers have been keeping track of daily announcements and media reports of Covid-19 infections. Particularly striking is the huge increase in cases among worker dormitory residents. Within a seven-day period alone, between 16 – 22 April, 6,035 cases were reported from dormitories. During this period, they constituted 94% of new reported cases for all of Singapore.

It is important to note that some Work Permit holders stay outside dorms. Their numbers are in the second category “Community”. However the numbers for “Community” are much, much smaller, thus Work Permit holders among them would be even fewer.

The situation is especially bad in the first dormitory to be quarantined, the S11 at Punggol. By 22 April, there were a cumulative total of 2,211 cases for a dorm with a reported capacity of 14,000 workers — though some reports mentioned 13,000 workers. This means that 16 or 17 percent of the S11 residents have been infected. Quite possibly more have caught the virus except that they have been only minimally symptomatic or asymptomatic and thus not recorded.

Sungei Tengah Lodge, with 684 cumulative cases to 22 April 2020, is the second largest cluster. With a capacity of 25,000 residents, the positive cases represent a 2.7 percent infection rate.

Although Tuas View Dorm has slightly fewer cases than Sungei Tengah Lodge, its infection rate is higher, because its overall capacity is lower. Tuas View had 603 cases as at 22 April, representing 3.6 percent of its capacity of 16,800 residents.