David Bensadon is a co-founder of We Are Caring. (Screen grab from a video on We Are Caring’s website)

Transient Workers Count Too offers heartiest congratulations to recruitment agency We Are Caring on being the first recruiter to be certified by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) under its International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS), anywhere in the world. We are especially proud that it’s a Singapore agency that has led the way.

This is a snapshot of a page on IRIS’ site where it shows We Are Caring to be the only agency certified as at end January 2023.

The only other name in the (very) short list is a Polish company which is an “active applicant”, working to achieve the necessary certification.

We Are Caring’s application was accepted by IOM-IRIS in January 2022 and, after undergoing an audit by International Associates Limited, were “Certified Performing” on 16 December 2022.

IOM-IRIS aims to promote ethical hiring of migrant workers. Its very first principle is that no recruitment fees or related costs should be charged to workers.

TWC2 hopes other employment agencies will follow in We Are Caring’s footsteps soon. Especially since We are Caring currently works in the domestic worker space, it is all the more important that recruiters operating in the non-domestic worker space move forward in the same way.