Cook Al-Azhar Mohamed Yusoff, 20, and bartender Sayed Muhammad Nassier Sayed Mohd Sidek, 21, were sentenced to seven and eight-and-a-half years’ jail respectively for robbing and severely assaulting two foreign workers. Nassier had a longer jail term because of drug-taking.  Both were also given 24 strokes of the cane.

The two robbers kicked and punched their victims, and also stepped on their faces, causing multiple fractures. The two victims were left unconscious after the attack.

The Straits Times reported (11 August 2012, ‘Robbers beat up victims viciously’) that district judge Eddy Tham described the case as some of the worst of robbery he had come across. Shown the  photos of the victims, he said they were “painful to behold”  and that the accused displayed a level of viciousness that was shocking.

From the Straits Times:

Deputy Public Prosecutor Krystle Chiang said Al-Azhar, with past convictions for robbery with hurt, had told Nassier previously of his experience in robbing people.

Al-Azhar suggested that they walk around to look for men who were alone to beat up and rob, and Nassier agreed.

On May 15, at about 5.15am, they were walking on Nicoll Highway when they saw Bangladeshi construction worker Sudip Chandro Bhandro Joy cycling alone.

When the 36-year-old came closer, they punched his face, causing him to be thrown off the bicycle. They kept punching and kicking his face and body.

Nassier also stepped on the victim’s face twice. They then robbed the unconscious man of his wallet and phone.

About five minutes later, they spotted Indian national Suresh Muniraj, 25, jogging towards them. Suddenly, without warning, the construction worker was punched on his head and face.

He fell on the grass verge, and the duo continued attacking him. They took his wallet, $50 and a $23 phone.

It was also reported that the two accused had previously robbed four other people. One of them was Chinese national Ke Lin, 27, said the newspaper, who had his sling bag, $60 and cellphone taken at a void deck in Pasir Ris. Al-Azhar had pretended to ask the factory operator for directions, said the court records, and then punched his face. Nassier joined in the assault. Ke Lin too had his face and body stepped on and was rendered unconscious.