A 24-year-old domestic worker is being investigated by the police for giving false information, reported the Straits Times Breaking news, 8 October 2012. The brief report, short on details, mentioned that she had lied to her employer that there had been a man trespassing into the property. Following that, the employer, believing the tale to be true, filed a police report on the matter last week Saturday.

The newspaper, citing a police statement, said that the worker had made the story up because she forgot to lock the back gate of the Bukit Timah house, said the police in a statement today.

It is not clear from the report whether the worker herself made any signed statement to the police, but the news report said that “Police are now investigating the maid for giving false information.”

The penalty upon conviction, for deliberately providing false information to a public servant is up to one year’s imprisonment or a fine of $,5000, or both.