This downloadable document is a consolidation of the various recommendations that Transient Workers Count Too has made to the Ministry of Manpower in the last few months and years, with respect to injured workers.

Injured worker issues are quite distinct from the salary non-payment issues. For the latter, the recommendations are more straightforward: detailed itemised payslips, payment through bank, job mobility and giving priority to migrant workers who are already in Singapore (over fresh hires from abroad) in work permit processing. The last two recommendations are also applicable to (some) injured workers and are included in this report as well.

In this report, the chief recommendations pertaining to injured workers are:

  1. Existing law on workers’ rights to medical treatment, medical leave wages, and accommodation post-injury need to be rigorously enforced;
  2. There should only be a 30-day window of opportunity for employers to deny that an accident is work-related;
  3. Monetisation of current employers’  responsibility for ‘upkeep and maintenance’ to cater to those workers who have recovered enough to be off medical leave (and thus not receiving medical leave wages), and those whose injuries are not work-related, but who have been terminated and have no job to return to.
  4. Crack down on employers who insist that workers on ‘light duty’ resume their old heavy duty jobs;
  5. Certifying workers who are off medical leave to be fit to rejoin the workforce (wherever possible) and allowing them to seek new jobs without returning home;
  6. Allowing workers to change employers locally without going home;
  7. Incentivising employers to take migrant workers who are already in Singapore over fresh hires;
  8. Special accommodation provisions for seriously injured workers and those post-major surgery;
  9. Set up a Foreign Workers Assistance Fund to help workers whose employers fail to live up to their responsibilities for medical treatment, accommodation, compensation, etc.

download_reportThe pdf version (716KB) of these consolidated recommendations can be downloaded by clicking the icon.