In a survey of 468 foreign domestic workers (“FDW”), TWC2 found that generally, their access to medical care for minor ailments did not seem to be impeded.

Over 80% of FDWs were taken  by their employers to a doctor when they felt ill and requested for medical attention.

Over 80% said they were “not scared” to ask to be taken to a doctor.

The survey was conducted in two phases: November 2016 and May 2017. The full report can be downloaded by clicking the icon at right.

While the overall situation did not look too concerning, our survey revealed that there were peripheral issues that could do with more attention. About 25% pf FDWs who received medical certificates from doctors (“MC”) certifying them for rest were asked by their employers to continue working. About one in seven reported that they have suffered skin allergies to household chemicals, and about one in twelve FDWs reported salary deductions for medical expenses — this violates the law.