The Singapore government invited submissions for proposed amendments to the Employment Act. TWC2 made a proposal centred on five areas which will benefit the most number of workers.  As our submission makes clear, TWC2’s proposed amendments are envisioned to support all employees in Singapore. Even if some of our ideas are of particular importance to low-wage migrant workers because of the pattern of abuses they are vulnerable to, they do not disadvantage Singaporean workers.

The five key areas we feel reform is most urgently needed are:

  1. Mandatory payment of salaries through electronic transfer;
  2. Mandatory contract of service, before employment commences, with a reference copy deposited with the Ministry of Manpower;
  3. Simplify overtime, rest day and public holiday pay rates to eliminate confusion from existing legislative language;
  4. Require employers to maintain receipts for supplies and services if the costs of these are deducted from salaries, and grant employees access to such information;
  5. Include domestic workers within the Employment Act.

The complete submission can be viewed by clicking the icon at left.